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"The promise of life which is in Christ Jesus" (2 Tim. 1:1)

Right Division Bible and Ministry Training
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Bryan Swinford
Counselor of Theology (April 2013), Bachelor of Ministry (November 2017)

Dr. Mike developed his Bible College to reach prisoners for Christ. I'm forever grateful for how much I've learned through these courses. I learned the great doctrines of our faith, KJV apologetics, and the need for fundamentalism through PMI.

Now in the ministry I'm blessed to be equipped for the various roles I'm able to serve in the local, Bible Believing, NT , Baptist Church. God called me to preach and I'm thankful to be " a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." (2 Tim 2:15)

A great investment can be made into the lives of those that want to live right for Christ. Just as you would support any other mission I pray you consider supporting this one. Little is much when God is in it. -Bryan Swinford (Lancaster, OH)



John J. Bradshaw
Doctor of Biblical Studies (February 1997)

 I was in prison! The fact is, I was saved there as a teen. But I refused to let the stigma or the situation destroy me. You see, I remember my dad telling me that if a person can learn from their mistakes, they wouldnít be in vain. I took Dadís advice to heart and instead of wasting my life, I invested it in studying the Bible to show myself approved unto God (2 Tim. 2:15). This literally turned my entire prison stretch into a stay in Bible College where I devoured every Bible course I could get my hands on while sending all my certificates home to my parents.

But with all the various Bible studies I was taking, my hunger for Bible knowledge wasnít being satisfied. One day I heard about the Bible college degree programs offered by Dr. Mike and the PMI Center for Biblical Studies so I sent for an application. When it arrived, I filled it out, submitted it, and was soon accepted as a student- awaiting a sponsor. A few days later, when I least expected it, I got good news the mail room had a package for me; it was from PMI and included a book with a slip of paper describing the assignments for my first 3 hour course. There was also a note informing me that as long as my sponsor continued, my coursework would also continue uninterrupted. I prayed it would and thank God it did. Mom and dad even kept me supplied with legal pads to complete my coursework on. In looking back, I saw the Lord provide for me in every way possible during this time just as He is today. I will be forever grateful for those who not only believe prisoners can change but willingly invested in my life.

I continued my coursework with PMI, eventually earning 180 credits and my Doctor of Biblical Studies Degree. In February 2003, I was blessed with a great job and released from a half-way house. At that point, the relationship between my dad and me was given the opportunity to start fresh. My commitment to Christ and my 6 years worth of PMI studies had made me a new man in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17), and a new son to my dad.

Dad and I grew much closer over those years as he witnessed many mighty evidences of the Lordís work in his sonís life: including my marriage to a wonderful woman in June of that year. Dad stood proud in those days as he saw me- his previous prodigal- fulfill my parole, buy my first new car, purchase my first home, receive a promotion to Vice President of the Company I continue to work for and one day may buy- while steadfastly remaining out of trouble and out of prison- for good. Never again would I make my dad- or anyone else- visit me in a Maximum security setting. The Lord Jesus set me free and I am free indeed (John 8:36).

These past few years have been memorable ones. Dad and I enjoyed many Saturday night phone calls and frequent visits in his home. During our last Saturday telephone talk, I told Dad I had contacted Dr. Mike at PMI to work on two theology degrees. He had previously gone on line at www.CalvaryChristianCollege.com knowing I had received my Doctor of Biblical Studies degree from them in February 1997. Dad was impressed with the school for many reasons including the fact that Dr. Jack Van Impe, his favorite prophecy teacher, was also a graduate.

Once again he told me how proud I had made him.  

The next day while we were in church I got an unexpected call that Dad had fallen and quit breathing. They were able to revive him and he was rushed to the hospital where I hurried to join him. While at his bedside I squeezed his hand and told him I loved him. As I did, tears welled up in his eyes and created a moment Iíll never forget. Shortly after, with his prodigal son who had now made him proud at his side, Dad quietly slipped into the presence of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I hope you can sense from this testimony that my future in Christ is a bright one. You see, my life didnít end- as so many others do- in prison. I had people who believed in me, supported me, and in so doing helped me to change my life while making the most important people Iíve ever known proud of me; like my dad. Now Iím reminded that my last promises to him are ones he was most proud of: to continue serving the Lord with all my heart, and to complete my theology degrees with PMI and Calvary Christian College and Seminary.

Perhaps you know someone who would like to join me and needs your support. I beg you to help them! [1]

[1] Published by PMI Center for Biblical Studies - POB 177 - Battle Creek, MI 49016-0177 - PmiMinistries.com. Used by permission.

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